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SPECLAB     ®                                  FACTORY-CERTIFIED INSTALLATION

                  Customized facility simulations with                     Guaranteed results backed by best in class service with
                     detailed performance metrics.                                   Big Ass Fans’ certified installers.

             Leading the industry in airflow technology, SpecLab can              Network of licensed electrical/HVAC technicians who
             quickly and accurately create custom 3D models of the              meet stringent certification and service requirements to
             most complex facilities—complete with interior walls and           wire, position, and mount your fans securely ensuring
                                                                                superior performance that lasts
             other building elements that impact airflow—to run precise
             simulations of our fans’ performance.                               Coordination with installers, pulling necessary permits, and
                                                                                running logistics providing minimal facility downtime and
                                                                                a quick return to business

                                                                                 Experience fewer issues that lead to warranty claims
                                                                                with a built-in electrical warranty upgrade*

                                                                                                                    *Product exclusions apply.
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