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 The industrial fan that’s the   A heavy-duty ceiling fan with
 strong, silent type.  industrial-grade components.

 8–24 feet  14–24 feet
 (2.4–7.3 meters)  (4.3–7.3 meters)

     Six aluminum airfoils       Direct-drive motor and
 with winglets and safety   VFD reduce noise, EMI, and       Eight aluminum airfoils with       Massive air circulation and
 restraints  energy usage  AirFence® system, winglets,   coverage area
           and safety restraints
     Built-in accelerometer and       IP66-rated protection       Variable speed operation
 safety cables  against dust, water, and       IP56-rated motor and   with resistive touch controller
 vapors    helical gearbox for smooth,
     Building automation   durable operation      Inline, helical-cut gears
 integration with 0-10 VDC,       Available LED o ers   for ecient, reliable and
 Modbus, and BACnet   ultra-bright, fully dimmable       Oversized hub system   durable operation
 capability  lighting  machine-cut to evenly
           distribute load
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